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Review of Halo Fitness Band


Amazon is jumping into the fitness band movement with it’s Amazon Halo.  The halo is a screen less wristband that communicates with your smartphone.  The Halo is made of a high performance silicon and woven fabric.


amazon halo


What can the Amazon Halo do?


Well good question.  The Halo can measure your body fat percentage, track the intensity and duration of you physical activity and your down time as well.  The Halo has the ability to analyze your sleep patterns.  The better sleep you get the better your physical health will be.  The Halo can also analyze qualities of your voice like energy and positivity.  This gives you valuable information to help improve your communication skills.

With the halo you will be able to improve your workouts.  By improving how you workout you will be able to decrease the amount of time you exercise to reach the same results.

Improve your sleep


Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.  We know we are probably not getting the amount and quality of sleep we need.  But,  The Halo will give you information about the quality of sleep you are getting and you can use this information to hopefully improve the quantity and quality of ZZZ’s.


Amazon Halo Is Affordable


Compared to the Fitbit.  The Amazon Halo is more affordable.  This should make it more obtainable to more people.  There is a small monthly subscription to access all the tools (3.99 + tax/month).  If you let the subscription lack you can still use the Halo to access to basic sleep time, heart rate, and step tracking.

At the time of this writing the Halo can only be shipped to address in the Continental United States.

So if your looking to get in shape and feel better the Halo is a great tool to add to your tool chest.  If you have not exercised in a while it is recommended you consult your physician prior to any exercise program.


Do you have to do hard workouts to get in shape


The Halo will show you that you can get into better physical shape even if you only do low impact workouts.  Such as walking 30 minutes a day.  You will notice with the halo that you are more active than you thought you were.  It is a great way to improve your fitness levels and keep track of your fitness gains.

Getting in shape is an important part of enjoying a long and fulfilling life with your family and friends.  Today is your day to get the most of your life and the Halo can help you keep track of your health and fitness.

Amazon Halo Fitness Band


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