Axis TreBiotic Review

How your gut health affects your body

Review Of Axis TreBiotic


Axis TreBiotic Review

The Axis TreBiotic is a new product from Modere designed to improve your gut health, Immune  health and overall well-being.  In my Axis Trebiotic review I will disclose the pro’s and con’s of the product.  Is it right for you?


What Is The Axis TreBiotic


It is a 3 in 1 supplement that contains a GOS prebiotic that aids the bacteria residing in your gut (don’t get grossed out because it is natural to have bacteria in your gut.  It aids digestion.  That is why your bowl movements get messed up when you are sick and have been prescribed anti-biotics.  The Trebiotic can help the bacteria in your gut.



Did you know you can improve your gut health without eating 10 pounds of sauerkraut a day.  Or eating enough yogurt to kill a horse.  Check out Axis Trebiotic today for 30 days risk free Here.  How is that, simply with a 30 day empty bottle refund policy.  Why would they offer that?  The answer is simple in that they believe their product 100%.

A 2017 review concluded that consuming foods containing probiotic Lactobacillus bacteria could reduce levels of low-density lipoprotein, or “bad” cholesterol, as well as total cholesterol


It also contains a probiotic that will introduce acid resistant bacteria to your gut because you lose bacteria because of the acid in your stomach.  In order for your gut to function properly it is important to maintain a healthy population of bacteria in your system.


It is also composed of a whole food infermenate which helps support the lining of your gut.  Which supports your health and overall wellbeing


How Does The Axis Trebiotic Work


It works by helping the bacteria already in your gut thrive, it introduces beneficial bacteria that you naturally lose and it boost the health of your gut lining so nutrients can be absorbed and used as energy and natural building blocks your body needs.



  1. Aids health of bacteria in your gut
  2. Introduces Probiotics into your system
  3. Improves the health of your gut lining


  1. May include mild stomach upset
  2. May include having mild diarrhea
  3. May cause flatulence


The pro’s of taken the supplement to improve your guts health greatly outweighs the con’s.  The con’s only exist during the beginning of you taking the supplement.   They also are mild.


Benefits of taking a gut health supplement


In clinical studies taking probiotics have shown to help relieve antibacterial infection diarrhea, stomach ulcers, irritable bowl syndrome, and constipation.  


There are also research studies going on to see if probiotics can help with some bladder cancers as well as seeing if probiotics can help prevent vaginal infections (the study is still ongoing).  For now the vaginal infections must be treated with conventional medicines.    


Important Information 


These symptoms are usually mild in those who experience them and usually occur only when first starting the pre and probiotics.


Beware it is always recommended that you consult with your doctor before changing your diet, adding supplements or starting an exercise regime. 




If you’re looking for supplements to improve gut health.  I recommend you try the Axis Trebiotic.  It contains 3 supplements in one serving.  So you do not have to keep swallowing different supplements to get the same desired effect.  Plus buying one product instead of three could save you money too.  The benefits of the prebiotics and probiotics well help your total well being and make you feel healthier and have more energy.


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