How To Lose Belly Fat For Men

how to lose belly fat for men

Getting Rid Of The Dad Bod For Good


It is not just the ladies who want to look good for their significant other.  Men are also looking or ways to lose belly fat.  As we age our metabolism slows down.  Also in many instances our physical activity also goes down.  We go from playing sports to coaching our sons and daughters as they develop their love of the game.


But a bigger belly has more consequences than just our appearance.  It also can increase the chances of diabetes, stroke, and possibly even cancer.  But their are things you can do to get rid of the dad bod.  Even though some women love the dad bod.  They will love you more without it.



how to lose belly fat for men30 minutes of exercise a day can help get the dad bod away.







6 tips to get rid of the dad Bod


Tip 1 – Eat Right

Instead of eating fast food or lots of simple carbs (potatoe chips, fries, pasta, and highly processed grains).  Instead choose lean proteins and complex carbohydrates.  They will provide you with the strength and nutrition without the gut loving fats.

Tip 2 – Cut back on the beer(I know it sucks big time)

Alcohol and the fat around your belly go hand in hand.  Alcohol has a close correlation with decrease in testosterones and decrease in your metabolism(and the increase in your tool shed).

Tip 3 – Hit the weights

Strength training increases your lean muscle mass and will also increase your metabolism.  However it will not eliminate the need to eat well and cut back on the booze.

Tip 4 – Catch more ZZZZ

Why simple when you are not getting enough sleep your body will crave carbs(the yummy chips or crackers in the vending machine).

Tip 5 – Relax.  By that I mean don’t get stresses

Yes, it can be hard but its worth it.  Stress causes a release of cortisol. Cortisol increases your insulin levels.  That causes a decrease in blood sugars.  Which simple makes you desire carbs and fatty foods.  So take a walk, turn off the news, and breath some good fresh air.

Tip 6 – Supplements 

Why supplements? Simple as we age our body decreases the amounts of minerals and vitamins it naturally produces.   As you have gotten older I bet you have noticed funny noises in your joints when you do exercise.  That’s because in your late 20’s your body quits making collagen totally.  Collagen is important for your joints, skin, gut, hair and your enjoyment of life.

In the old days our bodies obtained the collagen it needed from our diets.  But as we have gotten away from the hunter/gather lifestyle we have to find other sources for certain vitamins and minerals.


What is the lean body system


That is where the lean body system comes in to the rescue of the dad bod.  The lean body system supports fat metabolism (your beer gut). improves your joint health and even helps keep your skin looking younger.  Imagine your wife or girlfriend looking at you when your dad bod is turned into her hot bod.  She won’t be able to keep her hands off.  Just lock the bedroom door so your kids don’t give you a surprise.



how to lose belly fat post partum

The lean body system is clinically proven to help you get rid of the gut.  It will have you feeling more energetic and getting more out of life.  The way you life was meant to be lived.  Plus,  For reading all the way to the bottom I am also giving you a coupon to save you $10.  Plus,  I can also show you how to get your LBS at a further discount or even possibly for free.


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The lean body system is also a great way for women to lose belly fat too.

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