Is Fluoride Toothpaste Safe for You

Is fluoride toothpaste safe

What They Are Not Telling You about Fluoride Toothpaste

natural flouride free toothpaste


Concerned about fluoride safety? Is fluoride-free toothpaste right for you? Is fluoride harmful? Read on to find out more.

Fluoridation of the water supply and dental products has long been a source of heated debate. In fact, fluoride is added wherever possible and thus finds its way even in processed food.


FDA Warning Against Fluoride


Even the most zealous fluoride advocates are forced to concede that excessive fluoride can lead to a wide range of dangerous medical conditions. The FDA requires all fluoride toothpastes to carry the notorious poison warning as concerned parents know all too well. The warning instructs you to call poison control immediately if a child under 6 swallows more than a pea-sized amount.


World Health Organization Warning Against Fluoride


But it’s not just the FDA that warns against the possibility of fluoride poisoning. The WHO has also warned about the harms of high fluoride levels.

The WHO warns that high fluoride levels are responsible for joint pain and stiffness. Fluoride can also impair muscles and cause skeletal fluorosis.


Fluoride and Brain Health


Fluoride even lowers IQ in children as the Washington Post reported.

Another meta-analysis conducted at Harvard University examined the results of 27 studies spanning 22 years to determine the effects of fluoride on children’s IQ. They found that children living in high fluoride areas had much lower IQ than children in low fluoride areas.


Fluoride – a Notoriously Toxic Substance and Rat Poison


If fluoride is so safe, then why is it listed in the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry along with poisons like arsenic and lead?

Due to the toxic nature of fluoride, it makes for an effective rat poison. Expecting health benefits from a substance that is used in insecticides and rodenticides doesn’t sound smart. Yet surprisingly, fluoride advocates extol the virtues of this toxic substance as if is the elixir of health. It is hard to imagine how rat poison can double as the fountain of dental health.

Surely fluoride is not as innocuous (or even healthy) as most fluoride enthusiasts would have you believe.


Is Fluoride a Good Idea?


As stated by the WHO, fluoride can lead to fluorosis in high amounts. Fluorosis is damaging for both the bones and teeth making them more brittle and discoloring them as well.

Hence, the assertion that fluoride benefits dental health is tenuous. Although there are studies which show that fluoride in small amounts can lead to some reduction in tooth decay, in high amounts it causes fluorosis which is highly damaging to both teeth and bones. And given that fluoride is found almost everywhere including tap water, packaged foods, coffee, tea, toothpaste it is a safe bet that you are probably getting an overdose of fluoride.


Fluoride Everywhere


Several tens of thousands of tons of this toxic substance are released in tap water for its alleged dental benefits. Not only is there a risk of fluoride overdose from drinking this tap water, there is also the risk of consuming excessive fluoride through processed food since it is often manufactured with the very same fluoridated tap water. Your food may have unsafe fluoride levels since the toxic substance is used as an insecticide.

Most of the population has the habit of drinking coffee or tea (of both ) on a daily basis. This is not without problems since tea and coffee are known to have high amounts of fluoride. To make matters worse, a big percentage of the population drinks not one but several cups of tea or coffee daily.

Hence, you should take extra care to phase out this toxic compound to prevent excessive fluoride intake.


Natural Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Luckily there are quality fluoride free toothpaste available on the market today.  So stop harming your family and your teeth.  You have the option to do that.  You want to find a product that is EWG certified.  Why this is one of the highest certifications a product can have.  If the company spends time on producing an EWG certified product you can rest assured it is safe for your family.  Click here to see the best fluoride free toothpaste I found for my family.

Your families oral health is worth it.  Don’t you think so?


Are  Fluoride toothpaste safe for kids

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