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MA30DAY – Give Us 30 Days And You Will See A Difference

The MA30DAY is a program that centers on building a strong relationship between the foods you eat and exercise. This current program focuses on building and maintaining lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat to achieve not only your aesthetics goals, but a healthy body and mind.

The Program


In the program you’ll receive 4 weeks of nutrition with their respective recipes to help you cook and eat delicious food while working towards your goals. It also contains 4 weeks of routines with video tutorials that only require free weights. This can be done at home and or at the gym. There are two versions of the program to cater to vegan and carnivore eaters.

This program works for anyone regardless of your starting point.  Even if you are in shape this program will give you new ideas you can mix into your current routine.

Are you ready for a change

A change of pace is the spice of life.  That goes for your diet and physical exercise too.  Changing things up will make your journey more enjoyable.  Hey, if you are enjoying something then you will stick to it.

You will love the video tutorials that show you exactly how to perform certain exercises.  Massy Arias is a professional when it comes to nutrition and fitness.  Luckily she shares her knowledge with us.

The time to get started is now.  Why wait another minute to start feeling better mentally and physically.  There is no time like the present.


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