Natural ways on How to Detox

natural ways to detox

You have probably tried working out or having a good and healthy diet, but still not working on losing weight. Maybe it’s about time to have a body detoxification or cleansing from the environmental pollutants of this world.

Detoxification starts in the liver. It processes toxic substances to highly reactive metabolites then excretes toxins that are distributed inside your body. Excessive toxins can be harmful to your organs and could lead to chronic illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart diseases, cancers and the likes. By removing toxins, then having a healthy diet, the chances of acquiring these illnesses are lessened. The body eliminates toxins through the digestive systems, kidneys, respiratory system and lymphatic system. Detoxing does no’t just totally mean cleansing, but also filtering out the substances that go inside your body.


Natural ways on How to Detox


1. Detox Diets

One of the most important ways to detoxify is having a healthy and well-functioning bowel. Bowel cleansing opens the process of detoxification. Make sure that you also have a healthy diet. Eat lots of natural food that are rich in fiber to help you with your bowel movements. Some examples are prebiotics or good bacteria that are beneficial to your digestive system and help you flush out toxins. Eliminate your processed foods such as chips, carbonated drinks, refined sugars, and other unhealthy substances which act as toxins in your body and struggle with your cleansing process. By consuming less junk foods to none, you are keeping your detoxification in your body healthy. Replacing your processed foods with healthy snacks like fruits, yogurts, and protein bars is also the start for your detoxification. There are creative ways on how to detox. If you don’t like eating vegetables, have you ever tried drinking it? Toss in the vegetables in the blender and have that to-go-to veggie drinks or smoothies like Spinach Smoothie, Spicy Vegetable Smoothie, Carrot Ginger Smoothie are just some samples of the refreshing veggie smoothies that are good for you. If you are a fruit person, you can also try the fruit smoothie or fruit juice cleanse for a more flavorful taste. It is also recommended to eat antioxidants foods which are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E like berries, fruits, nuts, vegetables, cocoa, spices. As much as possible, avoid supplementary antioxidants since eating antioxidant foods from supplements increases the chances of acquiring chronic illnesses. Keep your detox diet as natural and healthy as possible.


2. Minimize or cut out your sugar and salt intake

It has been proven that most illnesses come from eating too much sugary and salty foods. These types of food produce fructose and fatty substances that could harm your liver and also produce additional toxins in your body.


3. Hot Detox

Hot Detox is a 21-Day Anti-inflammatory Program to Heal Your Gut and Cleanse Your Body by Julie Daniluk, cleansing program that serves a mouthful menu full of anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, onion, garlic that are vital to your steady digestion. It focuses on repairing , revitalizing and rebuilding the gut according to Julie Daniluk.


4. Water with Antioxidants Therapy

Hydrating helps your liver to flush out toxins. You can start your day with drinking water. If drinking water is too plain for you, you can add antioxidants like lemon, cucumber, and ginger. Water with lemon in the morning helps you regulate your body. These antioxidants will help your body to produce enzymes that are good for digestion and give you electrolytes in the form of potassium, magnesium, and calcium that will help you to be hydrated. H20 in your body transports toxins to your urethra for urination, sweat glands for sweating, and lungs for breathing out toxins.


5. Tea Therapy

Drinking detoxifying teas can help remove the toxins from your body. Teas have rich and natural antioxidants that help you cleanse your body. Some examples are green tea, garlic tea, ginger tea that are comforting and but medically proven in cleansing your body.


6. Minimize your stress

Stress inhibits the healing process of your body. Avoid being stressed too much as it triggers the release of cortisol or stress hormones into your system. Try mind practices such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and social media detox to lessen your stress.


7. Practice breathing exercises to regulate the blood circulation.


Proper breathing exercises help you regulate your blood circulation. Breathing exercises calms you which is a good practice for mindfulness too. It does not just aid your stress but it also helps in detoxification and making your body more relaxed. Try the popular 4-7-8 Breathing Technique of Dr. Andrew Weil. Inhale through your nose for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds, then release it through your mouth for eight seconds. Do this breathing technique four times. This helps you to be in the present.


8. Be Active

Sweat it out. Another way to flush out toxins is being active through exercise or working out activities. Exercise keeps your muscles strong, burns calories, and regulates your mood by releasing dopamine and serotonin hormones that are known as pleasure or happy hormones. Exercising minimizes your stress levels and helps you to be in a better disposition in life.


9. Practice hydrotherapy and exfoliate at least once a week

At least from time to time, you can cleanse your body through hydrotherapy. Shower with hot water for at least 3-5 minutes to open the pores, followed by cold water for 30 seconds – 1 minute to close the pores. Exfoliating some dead skins off your body too to unclog some pores and could help you perspire more. Hydrotherapy and exfoliating help new cell growth and could also absorb some minerals that will rejuvenate and moisturize your skin.


10. Have a good amount of sleep and rest

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. It is vital to support your body’s heath and your detoxification. Your cells are at work even if you are resting. Sleeping helps your body to recharge from a tiring day and remove toxic substances in your body. Poor sleeping habits could lead to short term and long term illnesses such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and the likes.

Some of the benefits in detoxing are maintaining blood sugar level and insulin sensitivity, thus, makes your skin smooth, and reduces your stress. Even though our bodies have a natural way of detoxifying, it is our responsibility to maintain and keep it healthy. Cleansing is not just good for the body, but for the soul as well. Detox is not just cleansing your body but it puts you in good and has long term benefits. It’s about time to be responsible on what goes in and goes out in our body.

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