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Sota Weight Loss Review


The Sota weight loss program combines diet and exercise to help you loose weight.  You have to have an initial consultation to see where you are and where you want to be in regards to your weight loss.  Then they will tailor a nutrition  and exercise plan to meet you weight loss goals.

There are limited locations but they have an at home program where you meet virtually with out having to physically go into their facilities.

You will have change your diet and if you are not exercising now get ready to at least start a  daily 30 minute walk.  It can be a great fit for some.  But for others the cost maybe prohibitive.



  •  Tailored nutrition plan designed for your body
  • Weekly check ins with your coach
  • support from your coaches


  • Price


The major drawback for most people will be the cost of the program itself.  The cost depends largely on the amount of weight you need to drop.


Their are a lot of customer reviews and videos recommending the program.  So if you live in the Dallas or Houston Texas areas you might want to check out one of their local facilities and see if it is right for you.


Alternatives to SOTA


If you do not have thousands to spend on a weight loss program.  But still want to loose weight and start living life like God intended.  What is an affordable way to loose weight?


Sota Weight Loss
The alternative works!!!


We have all tried the cabbage, celery or even apple cider vinegar diets.  I don’t know about you but I like my celery and cabbage,  Just not for every meal.


I tried it all and then a friend of my told me what her and her husband were using and their results were great.  So I decided to try the lean body sculpting system they were using for a few months.   Its was super easy and I didn’t have to change my diet unless I wanted too.   I had more energy and actually enjoyed to run again after many years  of not jogging 4 blocks.


The part I liked the most was the supplements are plant based and naturally increase your bodies fat burning.  Plus the pain in the joints started to decrease which had and added benefit of allowing me to be more active longer with my sons.


The best part is the cost of the system.  It is probably around 1 percent of the cost of the SOTA diet.


Review of sota weight loss

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