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Tria Energy

Tria Energy – A Healthy Energy Drink


Do you like drinking energy drinks but hate how they make your heart race.  Did you know a lot of them have chemicals that are very bad for your body.  Finally there is a natural alternative.  It is called Tria Energy.  It taste great and provides a great pick me up via all natural caffeine.


Tria will help you get more work done every day, exercise longer, go on more adventures and have more energy after work. Its revitalizing formula includes our potent clean energy complex, 10 phytonutrient-rich super-fruits and our award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology. Whether you need an extra boost to get you through a power workout, added fuel to focus at work for your 3pm meeting or just want to keep joints mobile and skin glowing. Tria gives you more energy, enhances your mental focus and a healthy kick in one powerful formula to rejuvenate you the inside of your body out. Do you prefer a carbonated beverage.  It is available and in several great flavors too.


Tria Energy


  • Reduces fatigued providing you a boost to your mental and physical energy
  • Improves your focus
  • Increases your motivation, improves mental focus and clarity
  • Promotes muscle fitness and joint health
  • Increases performance
  • √ 110 calories √ Great taste √ Naturally flavored & sweetened √ Gluten-free √ GMO-free √ No jitters √ No crash √ No dairy
  • Contains 110mg of natural caffeine

This is a great beverage to enjoy before or after your workouts.  Enjoy the energy you will have that will allow you to be more productive.  Your kids (grand-kids) won’t be able to keep up with you.


But I can tell you how much I like it but you have to try it for yourself.  It is affordable and cheaper than most of the main brand energy drinks at the convenience store.  So stock up and all ways have some on hand for when you are feeling sluggish.  You will be up off the couch and outside enjoying your life.  Like it is meant to be enjoyed.


Like most energy drinks are not recommended for kids under 18.  But, I feel confident it is safe for my high schooler to drink after school and before he starts his homework.  He usually is dragging but after he has a Tria he can focus on getting his school work done.  But, you have to make that choice for your own child.


Tria energy is a great tasting drink that allows me to be more present and active after a hard day at work.  No matter how crappy of a day is was.


Tria Energy

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