What Are Ketones Bodies

what are ketone bodies

The 3 Ketone Bodies

what are ketones bodies

What are ketones’ bodies? There are three main types of Ketone bodies. They include the acetoacetate, 3-beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetone. In this article I will explain the three main types of ketones. I will also tell you the difference between ketosis versus ketoacidosis. I will also tell you about exogenous ketones and how they work. After reading this article you will know how and if you should get your body into ketosis  for weight loss and overall well being.



acetoacetate like the other two Ketone bodies are produced in the liver. when your body is in Starvation or the presence of carbohydrates also known as glucose is absent. acetoacetate is produced in small quantities and is expelled by the looks during normal respiration. Ketones Supply 70% of the fuel to your brain And 50% of the energy used by your body.

Acetoacetate is broken down into a simpler form called beta-hydroxybutyrate.



As stated in the previous paragraph 3 beta hydroxybutyrate Broken down from acetoacetate. 3 beta hydroxybutyrate is important because it can cross the blood-brain barrier. which supplies the brain with the fuel it needs to function properly. It is known that through dietary restrictions or the elimination of carbohydrates can induce ketogenesis in the body as well as increase the level of ketones.

The consumption of exogenous ketones is another safe and efficient way to get your body into ketogenesis. This will be discussed in a  later paragraph.



You may be asking yourself what is acetone? acetone is a manufactured chemical that is commonly used in nail polish remover. but it is also made in the body. it is produced when your body breaks down fats.

Acetone is safe when in small amounts. as I stated before it is naturally produced in your body during the process of breaking down fats. The normal consumption during food intake or supplement intake will not increase the amount of ketones to harmful levels.

However people suffering from diabetes May Experience a dangerous level of ketones in their body which is called ketoacidosis.




Take The Challenge And See Where You Stand


Ketosis Vs Ketoacidosis

When comparing ketosis and ketoacidosis it’s important to know the difference between the two. ketosis Is Win your body is deprived of calories through fasting or during the absence of carbohydrates through dietary restrictions. such as being on a Keto or low carb diet.

Ketoacidosis occurs when your body has a dangerous level of ketones. ketoacidosis is primarily a result of diabetes. However a diabetic can greatly benefit from everybody being in ketosis. because during ketosis there blood sugar levels 10 to remain more constant.

In some individuals being in ketosis has allowed them to reduce or eliminate the need for insulin.

How Does  Exogenous Ketones Work

Ketone supplements  help with either Cravings,  hunger or focus when working or studying. What are exogenous ketones?  They  are an external source of ketones that you take so it’s a supplement.

Exogenous means from outside of the body in ketones it’s really important to know what type of ketones you’re going to be taking so most Ketone products on the market today are what they call racemic in nature which 50/50 mix of a ketone bodies that your body recognizes and a ketone body your body doesn’t recognize because it doesn’t naturally reproduce.

Imagine overlaying your left and right hands.  They look the same and have the same function but they are different  And that’s what racemic mixtures of ketones are. there’s only a few products that I know on the market that are 100% of the bioavailable form of BHB and that is Pruvit (your body recognizes 100% of the ketones).. It is a little bit more expensive to produce because these products are 100% 1 type BHB.

But what can the external sources of ketones do for you? There are actually a number of things they can do.  One of the things you can do with them is use it to enhance performance mentally and physically.

Another thing you can use it for is to combat the keto flu in the first couple of weeks of being in ketosis or trying to get in ketosis.


The question is is it worth the cost to use exogenous ketones to fight hunger,  cravings or provide additional focus when working or studying?

I am going to say that this is anecdotal but I have done this very exact thing. I’m going through a journey of learning new skills and developing a new source of income. so there’s a lot of stuff that I have not been exposed to through this keto Journey.


And I have found times where I’m participating in a training  and then implementing the work (after working my day job all day) I will take exogenous ketones as a way for  me to focus and  I am very distracted.  But  once I get into a Groove I can really power through something like writing content with doing research.

I have found that using exogenous ketones has made that easier for me because it does provide an additional source of energy for your brain and when you’re thinking, focusing hard and you’re concentrating on something your brain uses extra energy to accomplish those tasks.

In fact your brain is the largest single source of energy used in your body at 20 to 25% of all of your energy use is in your body.

So I feel like using exogenous ketones as a tool to help you increase Focus and to combat Cravings.  Especially when you’re trying to do something that requires a lot of energy and a lot of focus.




So in conclusion a ketone body is simply a natural source of energy for your brain and your body. It is an energy source that is more natural and healthier for you than energy derived from glucose and carbohydrates.


Especially since our diets have changed and if we have come to include highly processed foods such as carbohydrates found in bread,  noodles and other highly processed grains. Our bodies are  getting fatter and our lifestyles are getting more unhealthy. Getting your body into ketosis will improve your quality of life and longevity.

However in today’s fast-paced lifestyle our diet choices have suffered. but with a moderate keto diet and the use of exogenous ketones. We can live a more productive and healthy life for years to come.



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