What Is A Collagen Supplement

What is a collagen supplement

Collagen Supplement – Give Your Body What It Needs


Hey, today, we’re going to talk about and go through the list of what is collagen and what is a supplement and I guarantee some of these little surprise you, the big benefits of collagen and also the sources of collagen. And a lot of people don’t know where they’re actually sourced from. I’ll be talking about some of the unique advantages and benefits of different collagen sources and why you should be always looking for multi or multiple types of collagen, getting those in your diet every single day.What is a collagen supplementSo here’s the big thing to remember is that collagen makes up 70% of your skin, hair, nails, your bones, your discs, your connective tissue, your ligaments, your tendons, your fascia, even your gut lining, right? For your digestive track, your immune system. That’s all made up of collagen. Okay? So we’ve got to be getting more collagen in our diet.


The average person probably gets less than 5% of collagen in their diet in terms of their overall protein intake. It should be 30% of your protein intake should come from collagen or it’s proteins. 70% from branched chain amino acids mothiane. We are way out of balance today when it comes to collagen. But here’s what you need to know. Here are the biggest benefits of collagen. Because it supports all these areas, number one benefit is going to be gut health. If you’re looking to improve. Now, I’ve written articles in the past and work with thousands of patients with leaky gut syndrome. We know leaky gut syndrome is the root cause of autoimmune disease, of inflammatory bowel disease, and even issues like headaches, ADHD. It can actually really affect children in autism. So we know that healing leaky gut is a big deal.


what is a collagen supplement

Collagen, the number one building block to rebuild your gut. So number one, benefit of consuming more collagen is supporting your gut health. That’s number one. Number two, supporting your skin, hair, and nails. Your overall beauty, your skin. You know, I see a lot of people, I’ve got people email me about conditions like cellulite. Hey, why don’t we get cellulite? Well, a lot of times it’s a week collagen matrix. You don’t have enough collagen and your skin is weak in that structure. That causes issues. Probably the number one nutrient your body needs for cellulite is collagen. And in general, just healthy skin, tightening, toning, firming your skin, you need collagen. And do you know why you get wrinkles over time? Because your own body produces less collagen. When you have less collagen, you get sinking, you get sagging of the skin. More collagen, the more your own body produces, the more you get in your diet, the firmer, tighter, more toned your skin is, and it also helps thicken up your hair.


It also helps with thickening up and strengthening your nails. So overall, if we want to talk about beautifying yourself from the inside out, collagen by far number one. Now, listen, I’ve written about other things like biotin, aloe vera gel, and juice, holy basil, and turmeric and ashwagandha, a number of things. But I’ll tell you, all of them pale in comparison to the benefits of collagen for your overall skin and beauty.


Number three, big benefit of collagen is going to be for your connective tissue and joints. Now, I want to tell you something and this might surprise you. Just like you need a balance of Omega three and Omega six fats for inflammation, right? You need enough Omega three fats to reduce inflammation of healthy joints. This is why fish oil is so big. Wild caught salmon.


They’re loaded with Omega threes, right? Well, most of us are completely out of balance. Not only with our fats, we’re out of balance with our amino acids and because of that, our joints are suffering. And I want to give you an example of this. Okay? I want to prove to you most of us don’t have weakened muscles. Okay? Most of us, our muscles are healthy. They usually feel really good. Most of us have joint issues or connective tissue issues. How many athletes, even in high school, maybe you played a high school sport. How many high school, college, and pro athletes tear their muscle versus tear a tendon or ligament, right? There’s a lot of ACL tears, rotator cuff tears, herniated discs in the back. Those are all joint issues, right? Versus a torrn quad. That doesn’t happen very much.


Does it? No. We tear ligaments and tendons. Why is that? Could it be because we get way too much muscle building protein and not near enough collagen building protein in our diet? Yes, that’s a big reason. The other thing is look at the elderly. Now them if they have any muscle pain, they’ll say, no, my muscles feel great. Guess what hurts on Them though? They have two knees that hurt, their low back hurts, They You know have joint issues, right? So listen, most, a big reason for that is we have not gotten enough collagen in our diets. Most people get zero collagen when they should be getting probably about 30 grams of collagen every single day in their diet. Now here’s the next thing about collagen.


Different collagens actually make up different parts of your body and may have different benefits.


For instance, type two collagen is what makes up your ligaments, your tendons, all the fascia that actually holds your organs in place. That’s all type two collagen. Type one and three collagen is what makes up your skin, your hair, your nails, your bones, your discs, part of your gut tissue, and then type five and ten collagen makeup your cardiovascular system, like the outside of your arteries and your veins, and even supporting different areas of the body as well. Actually in fetal development, the placenta is actually made up of partly type five and ten collagen. So, as we’re looking at all these things, it’s important to know different collagens support different areas of the body or make up different areas of your body. And that’s why I want to now break down sources of collagen and you can pick which one may benefit you most.


Let’s talk about beef collagen. I don’t want to say it’s the weakest collagen. It’s a good collagen. But I actually think chicken and fish can even be more powerful, but beef collagen, on a supplement label, will be labeled as bovine collagen. Now grass fed beef collagen is fantastic. It’s full of type one in three collagen. So it’s going to be great for your hair, your nails, your skin, your bones, those areas of your body. Okay? So that is fantastic, that’s what beef collagen is. Chicken collagen is made up of primarily type two collagen and type two collagen in is what makes up your ligaments, your tendons, your cartilage, and your connective tissue. So all of your joints. Your low back, those areas in your discs, your fossette, your neck, all those areas, that’s type two collagen.


Getting Rid Of Joint Pain


So it’s the biggest probably for reducing joint issues. And also, here’s another big one, when you’re consuming type two collagen from chicken, or let’s say chicken bone broth, chicken bone broth not only has collagen, it has collagen boosters known as glycosamine or glycans, like hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin. All of those three ingredients, they don’t act as collagen, they boost collagen in your body, which is just as good or even better. So that’s why if you’re buying a protein powder that comes from chicken bone broth doing that, or just making chicken broth at home, that type of collagen and the cofactors that go with it, are amazing for your gut and for your immune system. Okay? So that’s what you want to look for if you want to support those, that type of collagen. The next type of collagen is wild fish collagen. It’s high in type one and three collagen. It also supports your body’s own collagen production.


That’s another favorite of mine. And then the other thing, and by the way, fish broth is the main source… or fish skin. It’s consumed widely in Asia. If you want to go look in Okinawa, which is Japan, which has the more centurions than anywhere else in the world, so more people living to be over 100, a big part of their diet is fish broth, fish skin, seaweed actually has a few things that can support collagen. So some big things there too. And last but not least, there’s a source of collagen called eggshell membrane. You ever crack open an egg and you see sort of, there’s a little inside film inside the egg shell. That’s the membrane. That actually, according to medical clinical studies has shown, it is highly anti-inflammatory and supports collagen in your body. And it contains a unique types of collagen, type five and type ten collagen, which really helps your entire cardiovascular system, it helps reduce inflammation throughout your entire body.


What Is A Collagen Supplement


So again, when you’re buying a collagen supplement, you want to look for, make sure it has beef collagen, chicken collagen, or turkey, or both chicken and turkey are both great, wild fish, along with eggshell membrane. If you can get all of those types of collagens together in one supplement, it makes up the ultimate collagen supplement. And again, it’s going to have huge benefits for your skin, your hair, your nails, your bones, your discs, your gut, which is where your immune system is, right? So big benefits for your immune system, your joints, and your connective tissue. A few other, you may not realize I mentioned inflammation, getting enough collagen in your diet can reduce inflammation and also could possibly even help you live longer because it contains the amino acid glycine, which is incredible for your health as well. It may even help you sleep better.

That’s a way it was used throughout history. It can actually increase and strengthen your chi in Chinese medicine known as your kidney chi so your overall energy. So it is big for a lot of things or jing as it’s called actually in Chinese medicine. That’s a little Chinese medicine Ayurvedic talk there, but anyways, those are big benefits. Collagen supplements are made primarily from fish, beef or chicken.  Turkey is also sometimes used in supplements.  And here’s what I want to challenge you to do. If you’ve not done this, do a collagen loading program. Start doing for 30 days, three servings of collagen a day. If you can do that. Listen, collagen’s easy to get in your diet. Just go and find a collagen protein supplement. Along with incorporating chicken, fish and beef into your daily diet. You can mix the supplement into water, in coffee, in a smoothie. Really, really easy to get. So again, hey, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the big benefits of collagen and different collagen sources.


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